Kerby - WVCY TV 30 ~ April 8, 2019


Carl Kerby on In Focus TV30 

TV30 host Jim Schneider, Executive Director of VCY America, will host Carl Kerby as his guest on April 8, 2019 

Milwaukee’s only local, live, prime-time, TV call-in talk program!


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WVCY-TV30 Milwaukee 30-1 (coverage)
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TITLE: Carl Kerby

Jim Schneider, Executive Director of VCY America, 

DATE: Monday, April 8, 2019

TIME:  7

About TV30 In Focus

“In Focus” is a one-hour call-in program airing 7PM-8PM on Mondays dealing with issues of concern to the local Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, or our nation. It’s the only live, call-in, prime time, local talk program on Milwaukee television.


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