Dr. Carter Ph.D. Brookfield Lutheran Church


Dr. Robert Carter

Dr. Robert Carter, Ph.D. Marine Biologist and Geneticist of Creation Ministries International (CMI) and Creation.Com will present a 2-hour seminar featuring two topics followed by Q&A. 


 Genetics Defined - 

Part 1
The Alternative:
Creation's Competitive Edge 

Part 2
Meet Your Ancestors:
Adam & Eve


Dr. Robert Carter, Ph.D. 

DATE: Wednesday, January 30, 2019


LOCATION: Brookfield Lutheran Church
18500 W. Burleigh Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53045 

COST: FREE * a free-will offering will be taken


Bring three friends!

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Brookfield Lutheran Church
January Sermon Series

I.D. - Identity Defined - 
Dr. Carter will present I.D.  - Genetics Defined - 



Part 1: The Alternative: Creation's Competitive Edge
1 Peter 3:15 commands us to have answers and always be ready to defend the Christian faith.This presentation will supply people with vital information about fossils and the Flood.The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge is a great first time presentation designed to train people in how to share the Christian faith using the creation account found in the book of Genesis.

Part 2: Meet Your Ancestors: Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve are the ancestors of all people who have ever lived. You may never hear this on television, and, sadly, this fact is not taught in many churches today.  Yet, there is a lot of evidence not only for Adam and Eve, but also for Noah's Flood and the Tower of Babel. Where is this evidence?  In our genes! Come and hear about the history of the world as we know it from genetics.

The book of Genesis comes alive if one knows where to look, and Dr. Carter has spent years searching for the clues that lead to the answer to the question of the origin of all the peoples on earth. Now, when confronted with a person who does not believe the Bible, you will be equipped to answer with a simple question, "But what did you expect to see?" The things we are learning from modern genetics points straight at Genesis. Come and meet your ancestors: Adam and Eve!


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