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20130226 Jay Seegert - Faith is not a 4 Letter Word
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Jay Seegert
Faith is not a 4-Letter word

Milwaukee Lutheran High School  Cafeteria
9700 W. Grantosa Drive, Milwaukee, WI
Come into the gym building via the gym doors (doors under the archway),  entering, turn left and follow the corridor to the Cafeteria.

CSSM ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING from 7 PM to 7:15 PM for election of CSSM Officers by our Members and Patrons.  Presentation open for all persons.
We’re often told that we must choose between believing in science or the Bible. The assumption is that science deals with “facts” and certainty, whereas the Bible deals with faith, feelings, and wishful thinking, and therefore is not academically credible. This very encouraging talk defines and discusses both science and faith and the relationship of one to the other, concluding that it is not a matter of choosing between the two and that true science always lines up with God’s Word when properly understood. The question is which faith is best: believing in origins via evolution or believing in origins via creation?

About our speaker Jay Seegert:
Serves in fulltime ministry as the Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer for the
    Creation Education Center (CECwisc.com)
Author of book  “Let There Be Light
Has degrees in both Physics and Engineering Technology
    (Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater & John Brown University, respectively)
Ambassador for “Logos Research Associates”
Broadcast Celebrity for “The Third Rail” (a project of the Biblical Worldview Broadcast Team)
Former adjunct national speaker for "Creation Ministries International"
Received offer from "Answers In Genesis" to be a fulltime national speaker.
Former President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee
I have been giving presentations on Creation/Evolution for over 27 years.
I am married for 20 years to my wife Amy.       
We have a son Taylor – 17and a daughter Tori - 15
We live in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
I am a member of Spring Creek Church (Pewaukee, WI).
I gave-up my business in computer programming in 2007 to move into fulltime ministry..
There is no admission fee for this presentation!  We thank the many Members and Patrons of Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, for giving us their prayers and financial support!  For questions about this event, call Ken or Betty Jane Bahr at 262-255-4643.
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