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20130122 Tim Albers and Rich Albrecht
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
7 PM

Nature without Naturalism: New Thoughts on a New Earth


Tim Albers and Rich Albrecht


18500 W Burleigh Road
Brookfield, WI          Click Here for Directions


Creationists rightly strive for a scientifically accurate view of origins. In trying to "gain a hearing" for their view, however, they may be neglecting a powerful apologetic (defense) from the other end of history.  An accurate vision of the destiny of our planet taps a deep-seated longing for a pristine and fully harmonious environment, a renewed earth. Contrary to common misconceptions, the Bible points to a restored, renewed, physical and earthly New Earth, painting a picture which would dazzle the most optimistic of environmentalists. The pathway to this magnificent setting, however, involves "taking the naturalism out of nature."  A science teacher and a psychologist team up in this presentation to explore the question: "Is it realistic, indeed, is it scientific-to 'take the naturalism out of nature'?"  Both rather hard-nosed realists who have shared a passion for mountaineering, they will range widely through genetic coding, information theory, astrobiology, motivation theory, cosmology, and paleontology, leading to a fascinating but rarely considered view of a wondrous future for our planet.
Rich Albrecht's love of the mountains led to a degree in geology and a stint on the lecture circuit before he went on to teach in the sciences in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. His career-long fascination with the topic of origins has led to speaking engagements in many venues.
Tim Albers, as a psychologist, served many public, private, and parochial schools in the Milwaukee area.  As a graduate adjunct professor at Concordia University Wisconsin, his focus included worldview analysis and the roots of school violence. While teaching at other local colleges and universities, he has presented creation-evolution issues in settings ranging from the Audubon Nature Center to an international conference on Intelligent Design.
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